Monday, August 23, 2010

Shop Update 8/23/20

Ranch Dressing - the shop - is finally cleaned out, cleaned up and newly painted. We even have new lighting...which is going to go a loooong way in heating this space in the word they are HOT. Next comes a dimmer switch. I should have remembered this from the gallery.

We finally got everything out on Friday with the exception of the 700 lb. steel desk that was previously used in a substation and then as my husbands worktable. Only because it's too much of a hassle to move, he's building a new one for himself and I am keeping this one as my checkout counter and for shipping supply storage underneath.

Shop before painting...grey, dusty and in some places...dirty!
I have wanted to use this color somewhere in my house for a year now but I just don't have the right I am thrilled with it in the shop. I went with a neutral grey/green in the gallery years ago, but I don't have to be quite so serious here, thank goodness!

And, this is what it looks like on the wall.

A few final details inside and we will start moving things in.
More to come...and hopefully soon!

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