Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Have a Give Away for You!

October has been an exciting month for us! Besides announcing Ranch Dressing's grand opening weekend for November 26th my work has been featured in two magazines. Yes, two. I'm honored...and beyond excited.

First, is the Cree Coaster set that is included in Cowboys and Indians Magazine December Issue and Holiday Gift Guide. Here is a peek at the page, but you'll want to get a copy of the magazine for all the wonderful articles and the complete gift guide.

#2 Pair of painted canvas coasters by Angie Nelson

Look for Jeff  Bridges on the cover. 
The second feature is in Cowboy Way...not the Woody Harrelson movie...the magazine. It is in Thea Marx's section, Ranch Living and is one of the neon floorcloths...the one initially designed last year around this time of year to benefit a young bull rider battling leukemia. He's very healthy and engaged to be married the way.

Fall Issue 2010

Dancin in the Dark...why didn't I think of that!
You can see the entire section from this link...but here again, you will want to grab the magazine and sit down and enjoy the entire issue.

And now for the rest of the good news. I'm giving away the pair of Cree coasters featured in the gift guide. They are original art painted directly on the primed canvas and sealed with poly for many, many years of use. They are cork backed to protect your table top. 

What you need to do for your opportunity to win is to follow our blog or become a Facebook Fan. If you are already a follower/fan we appreciate you and would love for you to help spread the word.  Leave me a comment either here or on our Facebook page that you are following us or that you have suggested us to friends.

On Monday, November 15th we will randomly choose a winner. The important thing to remember is that you HAVE to leave a comment on the blog or on our Facebook fan page so that we get your name as an active participant.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Opening Soon! We've set a date.

One Month from today...We will be open for business!
Mark your calendars...
November 26th, 27th and 28th  

More details to come. If you have already signed up to receive your invitation you will be receiving something in the next week or so...if you haven't signed up and would like a personal invitation and receive monthly updates please look in the sidebar to the right and click on the link to sign up.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shop Update 10/22/2010

Things are looking good at the Ranch! Almost everything is set up. I'm waiting on a display cabinet repair and I need to finish a vanity table and that will wrap up the furniture pieces I want to open with. I don't have enough surfaces for all the small pieces...but then again...I've quickly discovered...I don't have enough room period! But, I am on schedule, finally...if nothing happens.

So, now comes the hard part...pricing. I'm still looking up things and trying to find out the names of some of the glass patterns so I CAN look them up.  I will be opening with things I probably wouldn't have bought for the shop, but I figure this way I will know what other people like and what they are looking for. As I sell this inventory from the estate, the whole look will start to change and look more like me...LOOK OUT!

But for's a few teasers of what it looks like today...

The travel section...complete with suit cases, cameras, photo album, souvenirs, old maps and postcards
Baby/Children's items and small delicate pottery pieces. 
This is one of my favorite sections of the shop...check out the baby dish and the sweet  fawn planter.  It's really going to be hard for someone to pry these things out of my hands!
What antique shop would be complete without a few Charles Chip cans?

Instant Ancestors?
Need some vintage buttons?...still on the cards. 

A selection of the center under the cabbage is a set of Homer-Laughlin  bowls that were given away with movie tickets back in the day. 
 I can finally see the light at the end of this year long tunnel...and next week I will announce the opening weekend dates.