Thursday, October 25, 2012

Breathing Again...

I guess it's true that I thrive on change...I hate it in some ways, but that's the only constant I seem to have in my life these days! 

Somehow, I've managed in the last week to empty two antique booths and set up a new one, with pieces to spare and add to my shop here at the ranch. All in all everything worked out great and I hardly remember how I got all these bruises!

Needless to say, now I need to focus on working in the studio all winter and produce a nice body of work to start adding to all of the cool vintage finds I have for sale. The marketplace at the Purple Pig Emporium has been described as Etsy and's that inspiring! 

Today, I'm making soy candles in two heavenly scents, Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Souffle. I make the biggest mess doing it but love how it makes the shop smell wonderful for days without even burning them.

For the sake of every one's time today I'm going to show a few photos of my spaces and a few more of the PPE. I hope you will make the drive out here to the shop or down to Lexington to the Purple Pig soon!

The shop this fall...still have my husbands birthday greeting on the chalkboard

Just the sweetest chair sitting inside the door

Always my favorite corner of the shop with all the vintage kitchen wares

The coolest vintage necklace from the large estate we first opened our business with

Blue transferware and old silver and glass are a favorite combination of mine

I began taking orders this week for hand painted pet and house portrait ornaments...I will just have to say, Facebook  rocks!

The following photos are courtesy Purple Pig can see lots more from their Facebook Page or even more in person....
Looking down on the first floor at the Purple Pig

This is actually my sister's booth...LORIGINALS

I love these cute pieces in the vignette in front of my booth....see me back there? 

Some retro kitchen wares from my booth...LOVE THEM!

The back wall of my booth just before it was finished...
The Barbecue Festival in Lexington is this Saturday and approximately 140,000 people will be in town so I'm off to the studio to hopefully be very productive today. Have a great one!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Secret is Out

The Purple Pig Emporium

I'm happy to announce that Ranch Dressing will have a presence at the newest addition to Uptown Lexington's group of antique and specialty shops that line Main Street.  The shop's name, The Purple Pig Emporium, was inspired, of course, by being born in the Barbecue Capital of the World.

As you know, I've had antique booths, in addition to our shop here at home, for a little over a year at both The Depot at Gibson Mill and The Thomasville Emporium. Both places have their appeal for sure but I haven't truly found the right fit just yet...until now.

The Purple Pig Emporium  is a whole lot like what I have been seeing in my mind's eye when I possibly think for a moment, that I would again open a retail store other than what I have here at my studio...and I say that in all honesty. Yesterday, I called it a Live Etsy shop..a combination of vintage collectibles shop and fine craft gallery. Kind of like Ranch Dressing actually. I think I've found the perfect fit! 

It's in a busy little uptown shopping destination. I think there are about seven antique shops within walking distance and this one is just different and edgy enough for me to feel at home in. I quickly found out that I am not primitive or shabby enough for The Depot and not traditional enough for the T'ville Emporium. This one, however has good chi and you feel it the moment you open the door.

The owners, Wanda Cox and Lee Manring, are both interior designers and not only have a vision for a fun shopping experience but they both possess many years of combined retail knowledge that will make the business succeed. They've already shared some wonderful ideas for what's to come and I tell you, I can hardly sleep. 

 I will snap some teasers next week when I'm getting my booth set up. Just so you is purple, pink and green...with wood floors, a balcony surrounding the sales floor...and that's not even the important stuff really. The booths are starting to fill already with great vintage finds accented with handmade wares of all kinds. FYI, I also saw a piece of gallery quality, hand made furniture coming through the front door...see why I feel at home already?

It will open just in time for the Barbecue Festival, so put it on your list to do and see! You will find it right there on the main drag,  221 South Main, Lexington. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Garden Visitor

I almost didn't see this little fella on my way back in the house from feeding the horses this morning. I had just noticed that I had forgotten last evening, to pick the cherry tomatoes in the back door garden, when I happened to notice the painted turtle under the vine. He looked like he was ready to move on because there weren't any tomatoes low enough for him to reach with his wrinkly orange spotted neck.

Because I wanted him to hang around until I could fetch my camera, I pulled a tomato, popped it open with my fingernail, and put it down in front of him.

He appeared grateful for the meal and not the least bit camera shy...

When he had finished his first tomato, I enticed him out into the sunshine in the walkway with another ripe juicy treat, so I could selfishly get a few more pictures of his nice markings...

We've been seeing him around for several days so hopefully he'll be around as long as we have an abundance of Tommy Toes.

...and as you can see, we're not hurting in that department.

I love Mondays...I know you are not supposed to and if you really and truly do, I know you shouldn't say it out loud, but I've always loved Mondays. This is my day to get organized for the week. I've done some laundry, pulled weeds from some of the gardens, almost finished a blogpost, will do some office work, and pack for the antique booth. Earlier this morning I talked with my friend at the gallery in town and I'm headed there one day this week to take some floorcloths...don't know why I hadn't thought of him sooner, but everything has it's time doesn't it. 

I've really been thinking alot about how I can contribute to our sleepy but potentially wonderful downtown, and the best way I know is to support where I can instead of going out of town even if things look to be more "happening"...and lucrative...although that is a big part of the draw anywhere!

Anywhoo, I hope you enjoy your day doing whatever you do on Mondays.

Just my two cents,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guest Post: Summer Airy Bedrooms

Hi! I’m Joanna. I write for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful source for brilliant lighting fixtures for the interior and exterior of the home. I spend my work days searching the web for the most beautiful interior design images and ideas to share on blogs like Ranch Dressing. Today, I’m guest posting on summery bedrooms. I love the look of the rooms below for their light and airy feel. Which is your favorite?

Summer Bedroom

This charming bedroom situated in a log home features a faux painted mural of birds, flowers and vines. The furnishings and textiles blend with the room for a natural look.

Summer Bedroom

A minimalist bedroom takes the simple approach to living with just the basic necessities. It is a lovely example summery d├ęcor.

Summer Bedroom

Feminine and romantic, this bedroom has all of the elements of a summery getaway. The distressed floors in a medium finish play nicely off of the crisp white of the rest of the room.

Summer Bedroom

A rustic headboard and simple white bed linens contrast nicely. The light fixture is a gorgeous addition giving the room a shabby chic feel.

Summer Bedroom

This bohemian bedroom looks comfortable and relaxed. It would be nice to wake to the sunshine streaming in the windows here.

Summer Bedroom

A country cottage boasts a little sleeping corner for a daytime nap or curling up with a favorite novel.

Summer Bedroom

This bedroom has a Moroccan feel with its platform day bed, wood chest and draped fabric canopy. The colors in the pillows are quite summery.

Summer Bedroom

A summery cabin features dormitory style beds in iron and white linens. This space would be perfect for a children’s sleep over. The multiple light fixtures lining the ceiling provide plenty of light at night time. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these light, airy summer bedrooms? Leave us some of your thoughts below, and stop by Arcadian Lighting for a wide variety of ceiling lights, wall sconces, and a variety of lighting fixtures and tips for your home!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Couple of Things....

Okay, so my phobia about Pinterest has passed and I'm back to pinning again...just so you know!
You can find me at

I was pleasantly surprised that all of my boards are still there...I had missed them and all of their wonderful inspirational goodness! 

....and too, I have a guest blogger for Wednesday this week. Her topic is Airy Summer Bedrooms and the photos are so inspiring you will want to start right away with your bedroom redo before the end of the season!

See you back here Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Hours

It's Official...summertime is here

With that said, you know what all that entails for us country folk...gardens, more animal chores, more watering of gardens and animals, more grass and weeds, making and putting up hay, and lots more auctions, flea markets and yard sales and art shows to attend...this on top of our regular schedule and if we are fortunate and can swing it, more social time with family and friends.

Herb garden outside the shop

...and with all that being said...we are doing the same as last summer since it worked so well...we are going to be open by appointment only until the winter months. You are always MOST WELCOME...just call ahead so that I can plan for your arrival.

Items from a recent auction just down the road...I love those!

The shop is stocked with summer candles, new artisan boxes and clocks along with our newest vintage finds.   If you can't get by the shop, we have a booth at the Thomasville Emporium, which is open 6 days a week. Our booth is #54 and #55, directly behind the coffee shop and before you go through the tunnel...look for the Ranch Dressing banner and twinkle lights.

The Ranch Dressing booth at the Thomasville Emporium
Just for the record...

Summer Hours by appointment only 

Wednesday through Saturday

336-905-0386 call or text

...looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Just my two cents,


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art with the Alpacas Photos

Just a quick post to share a few photos from Saturday's Art with  the Alpacas show....

What a good day we had...the weather was most cooperative and the shoppers streamed in all day. Thanks again to the LARK artists for including me in their show! I hope to join them again for their Christmas event.

I got to set up right across from the barn. It was fun to watch the alpacas play and run and interact with all the people during the day.

There were two of these beauties guarding the alpacas from the coyotes that are so abundant here. Isn't that a sweet face?

Here they are taking in the music and crowd. I'd love to know what they were thinking.

And here are my girls on display...nice backdrop, huh? Randolph county is famous for it's gorgeous rolling hills.

I introduced a few new boxes...a couple of clocks...

...not the best photos to show them off but I did want to give you a peek.

This is more red than pink actually

One of the new label boxes...a good size for gloves, toiletries...etc...just a good size!

The newest jewelry armoire....for a man this time.

And a cute little box for keeping seed packets through the cute to leave out in your mud room.

Just my two cents for a of the Emporium booth to come later in the week.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Art with the Alpacas....yep!

Crazy right? Well if the alpacas were creating the art...maybe, but not so in this case. The LARK artists of Randolph County are hosting their second annual summer event at the High Meadow Alpaca farm in Asheboro. They have invited me to participate as a guest artist and I am so excited.

I hope you locals will be able to come out to the farm for a fun day of art, food and lots of fun! See you there.

Just my two cents,