Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Secret is Out

The Purple Pig Emporium

I'm happy to announce that Ranch Dressing will have a presence at the newest addition to Uptown Lexington's group of antique and specialty shops that line Main Street.  The shop's name, The Purple Pig Emporium, was inspired, of course, by being born in the Barbecue Capital of the World.

As you know, I've had antique booths, in addition to our shop here at home, for a little over a year at both The Depot at Gibson Mill and The Thomasville Emporium. Both places have their appeal for sure but I haven't truly found the right fit just yet...until now.

The Purple Pig Emporium  is a whole lot like what I have been seeing in my mind's eye when I possibly think for a moment, that I would again open a retail store other than what I have here at my studio...and I say that in all honesty. Yesterday, I called it a Live Etsy shop..a combination of vintage collectibles shop and fine craft gallery. Kind of like Ranch Dressing actually. I think I've found the perfect fit! 

It's in a busy little uptown shopping destination. I think there are about seven antique shops within walking distance and this one is just different and edgy enough for me to feel at home in. I quickly found out that I am not primitive or shabby enough for The Depot and not traditional enough for the T'ville Emporium. This one, however has good chi and you feel it the moment you open the door.

The owners, Wanda Cox and Lee Manring, are both interior designers and not only have a vision for a fun shopping experience but they both possess many years of combined retail knowledge that will make the business succeed. They've already shared some wonderful ideas for what's to come and I tell you, I can hardly sleep. 

 I will snap some teasers next week when I'm getting my booth set up. Just so you is purple, pink and green...with wood floors, a balcony surrounding the sales floor...and that's not even the important stuff really. The booths are starting to fill already with great vintage finds accented with handmade wares of all kinds. FYI, I also saw a piece of gallery quality, hand made furniture coming through the front door...see why I feel at home already?

It will open just in time for the Barbecue Festival, so put it on your list to do and see! You will find it right there on the main drag,  221 South Main, Lexington. 

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