Monday, July 23, 2012

Garden Visitor

I almost didn't see this little fella on my way back in the house from feeding the horses this morning. I had just noticed that I had forgotten last evening, to pick the cherry tomatoes in the back door garden, when I happened to notice the painted turtle under the vine. He looked like he was ready to move on because there weren't any tomatoes low enough for him to reach with his wrinkly orange spotted neck.

Because I wanted him to hang around until I could fetch my camera, I pulled a tomato, popped it open with my fingernail, and put it down in front of him.

He appeared grateful for the meal and not the least bit camera shy...

When he had finished his first tomato, I enticed him out into the sunshine in the walkway with another ripe juicy treat, so I could selfishly get a few more pictures of his nice markings...

We've been seeing him around for several days so hopefully he'll be around as long as we have an abundance of Tommy Toes.

...and as you can see, we're not hurting in that department.

I love Mondays...I know you are not supposed to and if you really and truly do, I know you shouldn't say it out loud, but I've always loved Mondays. This is my day to get organized for the week. I've done some laundry, pulled weeds from some of the gardens, almost finished a blogpost, will do some office work, and pack for the antique booth. Earlier this morning I talked with my friend at the gallery in town and I'm headed there one day this week to take some floorcloths...don't know why I hadn't thought of him sooner, but everything has it's time doesn't it. 

I've really been thinking alot about how I can contribute to our sleepy but potentially wonderful downtown, and the best way I know is to support where I can instead of going out of town even if things look to be more "happening"...and lucrative...although that is a big part of the draw anywhere!

Anywhoo, I hope you enjoy your day doing whatever you do on Mondays.

Just my two cents,

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