Friday, October 22, 2010

Shop Update 10/22/2010

Things are looking good at the Ranch! Almost everything is set up. I'm waiting on a display cabinet repair and I need to finish a vanity table and that will wrap up the furniture pieces I want to open with. I don't have enough surfaces for all the small pieces...but then again...I've quickly discovered...I don't have enough room period! But, I am on schedule, finally...if nothing happens.

So, now comes the hard part...pricing. I'm still looking up things and trying to find out the names of some of the glass patterns so I CAN look them up.  I will be opening with things I probably wouldn't have bought for the shop, but I figure this way I will know what other people like and what they are looking for. As I sell this inventory from the estate, the whole look will start to change and look more like me...LOOK OUT!

But for's a few teasers of what it looks like today...

The travel section...complete with suit cases, cameras, photo album, souvenirs, old maps and postcards
Baby/Children's items and small delicate pottery pieces. 
This is one of my favorite sections of the shop...check out the baby dish and the sweet  fawn planter.  It's really going to be hard for someone to pry these things out of my hands!
What antique shop would be complete without a few Charles Chip cans?

Instant Ancestors?
Need some vintage buttons?...still on the cards. 

A selection of the center under the cabbage is a set of Homer-Laughlin  bowls that were given away with movie tickets back in the day. 
 I can finally see the light at the end of this year long tunnel...and next week I will announce the opening weekend dates.


  1. Oh how I wish I was closer. It's laid out so wonderfully...I know you will be successful!!

  2. Lori Richey RayburnOctober 22, 2010 at 7:14 PM

    I've been fortunate enough to see it in person and these pictures don't do it justice. You have to visit the shop when it opens. Of course, being Angie's sister, I get previews of all of the coolest items. I will probably be one of her best customers. Angie, this is great and I know you will be successful. I'll be there opening day!

  3. Hey Debianne...I wish you were closer too...maybe a vacation to NC one day! Thanks for the compliment.
    Thank you Lori! I love doing the displays and am already planning how to change an area when something sells. CRAZY! I guess that's the "designer" in my blood.

  4. I love the parents have one where they keep their Also...I am sure my wife will love the buttons. We plan to come to the opening weekend...just not on Friday.


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