Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vintage 1940's and 50's Halloween Decor

Yesterday, I celebrated unpacking the last box from the trailer. The last boxes were water damaged and really moldy, but one in particular answered all of my questions of WHY? It was worth the mold and dust and the hour or so of reading I took time out for. In the last row of boxes I found newspaper clippings, a journal and a packing list. The newspaper articles documented the eviction process and condemning of the property. The journal correlated with personal interesting to read from both perspectives.

For the sake of privacy for the remaining family members I will not elaborate, but I will say I was both right...and WRONG. I thought all along that the family was so thrifty and saved and reused lots of things because they were a Great Depression family. This was probably true. I thought that the Mrs. must have been sentimental about all the letters and cards from her children, and maybe even the notes written to and from her deaf husband. This too was probably true. I thought that the family must have had financial troubles when they lost their home and belongings. This was definitely true....but in the end...all the stuff that was saved was because the last remaining relative in the house was a hoarder. Some of it was boxes of things from garage sales of the 80's and early 90's....and the kicker is...when the packing was done for storage no one realized that some of the boxes were actually trash. Yes, I opened boxes of trash.

....but many of them contained some really cool stuff! Not gold or silver but long forgotten things that people like me get real excited about.

Chocolate Pot
I thought this had Halloween written all over it. It's a chocolate pot similar in shape to the French ones by Limoges. It is signed Colonial Mold USA. I don't believe it was ever used...and why would you need two of them?

How about the paper plates? I found them safely stored in a plastic bag. Besides Halloween, I found Christmas, New Year and a pack of unopened Easter plates. I think they were all by Reed and from the 40's or 50's. Everything I've found online is unclear about the dates.

There are multiples of the plates, so I can have a set for myself and plenty to sell...and yesterday I imagined how great the chocolate pot would be with the snack set and...Voila!

So cute! All of these things are in my Etsy shop for immediate purchase at fixed prices OR if you like the excitement of bidding and getting a great deal, the duplicates are also listed on Ebay until Saturday Oct. 9, 2010. See the links in the side bar for Etsy and at the top of the page for Ebay.

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