Thursday, September 23, 2010

Straight from the Witches Tea Party

Witches Tea Party
Now that it's officially Autumn I believe it's okay to start thinking about Halloween. I won't put out any decorations until October, and I don't really have many compared to some of my friends, but it sure is a fun holiday to decorate for!

I have always loved this photo and I really don't know the history behind it but it inspired me to create my own little tea party set this year.

" New" Vintage 1950's snack set

It's a Federal Glass Company Homestead pattern snack set from the 1950's. I found the spider web lace at the craft store and had no idea what I would do with it...just knew I loved it and it would be gorgeous on something. So, really it's just one of those things that just happens. Before I knew it, I had a light bulb moment and the rest is history.

They are fun to make...a little tedious in places, but fun! I have one listed in my etsy shop and several more in the studio if you'd like one. It's a nice elegant touch for your Halloween decor that would be stunning with a black candelabra and maybe an enlarged framed version of the Witches Tea Party.

I'm working on a shop update for tomorrow afternoon. I know it's been a while since I've had any news, but I've been working in the trailer unpacking boxes, sorting, cleaning and trying to get an idea of what I have and values. It's been a monumental task...but, more on that tomorrow.

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