Monday, September 27, 2010

New at the Ranch

Today begins a new week and with that comes a few teaser photos of some of my favorite finds from the trailer that will go into the shop....

This first one I just found and since I am a cat lover I'm tempted to keep it for my, they are not smokers! but don't you think they would love eating their dry food from the tray? Well, after the initial hissing was over I think they would.

Vintage painted chalkware ashtrays were once won as prizes or purchased as souvenirs at the circus or carnivals back in the 1920's - 50's.  These old ashtrays are hard to find today because they were so easily broken. I've found two other pieces of chalkware in good condition and unfortunately a rooster that was smashed to smithereens. He was one of only two or three casualties I've run across in the whole lot of breakables in the trailer.

These next beauties were in a desintegrated cardboard box within a wooden fruit crate. Perfectly protected and preserved.

I'm almost sure they were not saved for their beauty but there is something special about their shape and the pressed glass labels...and yes, three of them still have some of their paper White House Vinegar labels intact.
( The bottle to the right isn't a Whitehouse)

And the last one for today...

I snapped this while it was still wet on the line last week with some quilt squares and curtain panels, but it is the sweetest little black eyelet dress. I've found some super cute dresses and jackets among the throwaways. This was in it's own bag (a clean, re-used cereal box bag) so I'm thinking it was a favorite. The label inside says's 2 I imagine. It's tiny.

More to come...stay with us!

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