Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things Go Better With Coke

I've decided that the best thing about all this pricing I've been doing in the shop has been the education. I've picked up a wealth of information I otherwise would have had to ask someone for later on if I hadn't stumbled upon most of it!

For instance, I never knew about ladies spittoons, or that laxative bottles were collectible! We have both here in the shop in case you are in the market for either.

 Remedies and elixirs displayed in the actual medicine cabinet they were found in.
Usually when I go looking for one thing I will find another. For instance, when looking for the value of an aluminum coke carrier we have, I found a link to a promotional video from 1974 about the trays with 1920's calendar girls. I was 14 in 1974 and should remember them from my teenage years...but no. All I remember about being 14 is my 4-H horse projects, my best friend, and that I wanted to marry John Denver, but not the trays.

The trays today are very affordable and easy to find. We found ours on a picking trip years ago and had to scrub coal dust off of them to see what we had. In our dining room we have our selection of them displayed with our soda bottle collection and framed calendar pages from my grandparents' home.

We have some of the 1974 trays in the shop for purchase and have also used them in projects that we hope you will like as well. 

One of the trays and the carrier
Here's a look at the video. Enjoy! Oh and for the record...I'm a Pepsi girl as far as drinking the stuff goes.


  1. Hi Angie,

    I love the Coke Memorabilia, My mom has old glasses, tiny Coke Bottles, an old sign and an old thermometer, along with soft drink bottles that possibly date back to the time of Jesus...Jesus was actually a Dr. Pepper fan though...thus he never appears on the Coke Christmas ornaments. Licensing and such.

  2. I love the old Coke tray...very cute!

  3. These are fantastic collectibles! Love the bottles.


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