Monday, October 24, 2011

This is Going to Work!

It's the most beautiful time of year for me and the most busy time of year as well as we gear up for the upcoming holiday seasons. To add to the mix, we've added a new element back into our lives here at the Ranch...homeschooling.

I say, back into our lives because if you've followed me since the beginning you may remember that when Sam entered 9th grade he wanted to go to the beautiful new state of the art public school down the road with his friends and at the same time I got the notion that it would be the ideal time to start this new business and chapter in my life.

I've purposely chosen not to say anything much for the last month because I needed to deal with my feelings about it all.  The decision came about quickly and then again, it has been a long time coming....

We had homeschooled so long that we had forgotten how well it was working for Sam and our family as a whole. It only took a couple of years to realize that no matter how new and beautiful, how state of the art, and how great the teachers are, or sports programs are that most public schools will never be equipped to teach kids that are right brained learners or any other learning style that is not traditional. That's just the way it is.

For two years, I watched Sam's self confidence level decline at a steady pace. From the beginning weeks in high school he was labeled by some of his teachers as  "lazy, unfocused, unorganized, talkative, and unable to concentrate, sit still or comprehend information",  all the while saying he was a "good kid, respectful and sweet".

On the other hand, when report cards came home, comments from the teachers in the hands-on classes such as Auto Tech were more positive...."good student, gives 100 percent, works hard".

I've had many personal, phone and email conversations with teachers over the last two years trying to find solutions we all could live with. By far the simplest was a deal struck up between Sam and one of his teachers....sending in a bag of her favorite candy for a 100 test score to bring up his overall average....honestly, I kid you not!

 For the most part the teachers are doing the best they can in a world of standardized tests and requirements from the state. I feel for them. I could have been one of glad I took a different road!

Since making the decision to homeschool again, the blog has had to take a backseat. First, there were the homeschool legal forms to take care of, then public school release forms which came with personal judgements from well meaning administration and friends, then curriculum to find and purchase, and a new schedule here on the homefront to plan and try to adhere to....just a lot to deal with.

Today, things have settled. Curriculum is in place and going very well. Our family feels like family again.  None of us realized how stifled Sam felt until we noticed an almost immediate change in his attitude. It's answered prayer for sure!

I wanted to share a couple things with you today as I get back on track with the blog and all that goes with it...

I've been reading a new blog that I believe you will love Fieldstone Hill Design . She also is a homeschool mom and is redoing her office as a combination school room/office. It's really wonderful and her blog is most inspiring.

Homeschool room by Fieldstone Hill Design
Our homeschool room also used to be a shared space in my studio...high school is different. School now takes place wherever, and whenever. There aren't so many supplies or need for a black board or more than one bookshelf. He's happy on the sofa with his books and laptop...or in the shop building a motor for his go cart project or at the gym continuing his weight lifting class...and best of, he drives! This is going to work!

And lastly, a video that I love..that really says a lot about how we should nurture our children's interests and talents regardless of the opinion of the public education system or our family or friends...just sayin! 

Animal School

Do you  homeschool? Have you ever considered? North Carolina is one of the easiest and best states to homeschool in. We are so very fortunate!

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