Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work Table Wednesday...Spray Paint Texturing

It has been my privilege for the last couple of weeks to be a mentor to a wonderful young artist while she worked on her senior graduation project. 

Krista and Me
Krista chose to learn about the art of grafiti and for her product she painted a grafiti mural. I was amazed at how she was able to get in her zone and paint while I snapped away with my camera. This is something hard for seasoned artists to learn to do and for some of us we just never even attempt it.

I was able to document most of the process and I just finished looking over all of the photos. I didn't know just how much could be achieved with spray paints. I wanted to show you the technique she used that was my favorite.

Experimenting with layering, and negative and positive spaces.
Okay, now to the start the real deal.
Watch closely.


Are you blown away yet?  I think this would be a great advertisement for Valspar spray paints!

So, I will cut to the chase and show you the almost finished product.

 I can't reveal the finished piece yet because she hasn't presented it but, you get the idea. 

I watched in awe these past couple of weeks as Krista learned to control the flow of the spray and to manipulate drips and dribbles for the effects she was after. 

I will never look at spray paint the same again! 

Have any of you been to San Francisco and seen the street art? That was her inspiration. I am so proud of her!

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