Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year

...yeah, I know I'm a little late...but at least we are still in January as I write this.

It's a rainy Wednesday here and I've decide to have a second cup of coffee and sit still for a few. I don't know about you, but I'm not focused so far this year. We've been on such a busy schedule for so long that now that I can actually slow down, I don't know where to start.

Sometimes, I believe it's okay to take some time to do nothing...but, that's hard for me. When I can't focus I know I need to sit and write, probably in my private journal, but here again, it's hard not to be productive so I'm filling the need here on the blog.

First off I want to say thank you to all that shopped with us during the holiday season. It was exciting to see things sell so quickly from our booths at The Depot and I'm always flattered when I have return "candle customers"  at my shop here at the ranch. We even had some online sales although I totally neglected the Etsy shop for lack of time. Thank you all so much!

Ranch Dressing Handmade and Vintage Booth in the Cotton Room at  The Depot at Gibson Mill
My only complaint is the shoplifting. UGH! Someone even took a jewelry display piece out of our new booth. Hopefully the things were just left in other booths when someone changed their mind about the purchase, but so far nothing has turned up. Boo! and Hiss! 

Has anyone seen my jewelry mannequin?
On a sad note, we lost our little Ada exactly one week before Christmas. She's in several of my shop photos because she loved to nap on the porch or come inside while I worked...and that's were she spent her last days...on my studio floor on a quilt. I won't go into much detail but we decided to let her die a natural death here at home since she didn't appear to be suffering or in pain. It was very peaceful and I'm glad I was with her.

Ada's spot behind my chair

Ada's spot on the studio porch

Ada's spot in the sun

It's been hard for the last few weeks to go in the studio. I can't bear to put her quilt away and I catch myself looking for her. I think my grief is probably why my focus is off. Time will help and I know she's here with me in spirit.

I will say too, that while I waited with Ada her last 24 hours, I was able to put things into perspective. Death will do that. I mulled over my regrets of being busy and not spending as much time with her this past year, and thinking how unimportant work will be when it's my time to leave this world. I guess that's what we are here learn...but it sure hurts sometimes when it's the hard way!

I learned much last year and have put some serious thought into what I will do differently and what I will do exactly the same in the coming year as far as business goes. I plan to share some of that with you since I know from recent emails that some of you are wanting to get started in the same type business.

I do have a plan for this year and will talk more about that in my next post...which will be up soon...not two months from now I promise.

Until then,



  1. So sorry to hear you lost your sweet baby. It is so hard when they are gone, such a blessing in our lives. I lost two last year and will lose another before long. I love your post and feel the very same guilt.... I have to spend more time with them. And I don't think you need to put her quilt away......

  2. Thank you so much for leaving your sweet comment. I will probably lose another sooner than I would like to cat is 17 and even though she's still very healthy I'm starting to notice she's becoming very clingy.

    It does seem like they go in groups when you have more than a few doesn't it? We lost 2 dogs, a cat and a horse within 1 years time about 5 years ago.

    Take care and thank you again for your thoughtfulness!


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