Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Are You an Indie Tither?

I recently heard the phrase, indie tithe and realized I am an indie tither. More and more artists and craftsmen are becoming indie tithers in support of their peers and the trend seems to be growing quickly from what I've been hearing. 

 For those not acquainted with the word indie, it is a term used for independent artist....and in case there is anyone that isn't familiar with tithing, it is usually associated with the giving of ten percent of your income back to God's work.

So if you wanted to support other artists or craftsmen with a percentage of your income on a regular basis, you'd be an indie tither

My parents are good examples of lifetime tithers and told us early that we could never out give God. It's true. We've been very blessed and I believe it's because we tithe regularly. I will tell you that it was very hard in the beginning as a young couple with small children...learning to trust that we'd have enough to cover our bills and put food on the table...but we quickly discovered that we were provided for...not manna from heaven, but extra side jobs for Rick or another floorcloth order for me. Regular tithing has been a way of life now for us for over 20 years and it lead us to be indie tithers before it had a name.

When the need arises for us to buy either a gift or something for our home, we like to shop for something handmade or vintage rather than going to a mall or looking for the best deal online.  It feels good to support independent artists and merchants and to see or imagine the smiles on their faces when they find out they've made a sale...I know how good it feels to know that someone really appreciates your work! 

This wasn't written to say that I am good because I tithe or indie tithe...but, to say that
when we open our hands to give they are also open to receive blessings ourselves.

It seems like I continuously hear people complain about money...or the lack or it.  To me, it goes without saying, that if we give of ourselves then it's universal law that we too will be given something in return. This can even apply to our time.  It takes some faith, but what doesn't? If you think this is a load of bull...then it is. If you believe that it's possible...then it's something to think about and at least try.

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