Friday, March 2, 2012

It's About That Time...

Are you beginning to think about your gardens? With the spring-like weather we've had recently, I'm thinking more and more how much I'm looking forward to getting our vegetables planted and redesigning the kitchen herb garden outside our back door. I'm anxiously awaiting that April 15th date, not because it's "tax" day but, here in NC it's supposedly the last frost date. 

With this said, I'm also telling you that I want to take time to enjoy the things I love most. I've loved having a blog and it has truly served it's purpose since I started it a couple years ago with the intention of logging the process of starting a new business. It kept me accountable! Retiring a 20+ year old business and starting a new one took lots of encouragement from others and self discipline on my part. It was hard to let go and start fresh.

I really LOVED this logo!

Now, I have made peace with my past life as a floorcloth artist and designer and am embracing my new life in the world of handmade and vintage. It is as natural as breathing and life is good. 

October to take some time off while Erin was home

This year I turn 52. I'd like to add to that number, but of course there's no guarantee. Within a month, we've taken quite a hard hit with deaths in our family. One, our nephew, only 28 and just this week my cousin's wife, 48. To  me those are low numbers.

Our sweet nephew 

I also spent Tuesday with my great aunt who is 94 and thinks her number is too high. 

We don't get to choose our number.

Until my number is called, I want to spend my precious time enjoying my family, our animals and farm, my gardens and my new business. I want to do fun creative things to my own home and cook and can vegetables and just be Susy homemaker a few hours a day at least. I can't enjoy real life if I'm constantly thinking about what to blog about, what to post to my facebook page or if I should or should not tweet. For me there are not enough hours in the day. It has been my experience that getting out and about has been most beneficial to my business anyway.

I will only be posting here with updates about sales or anything new of importance I want to share...but, nothing on a regular basis. Please do watch for me to pop up on your dashboard reading list. Thank you everyone so much for stopping in and for your support! 

If you are local, please come see me in my shop here at the ranch or visit my booth at the Thomasville Emporium.

Until next time,

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  1. Angie,
    I was saddened to hear of your losses, especially, of ones so are right, we don't get to pick our number, so enjoy every day...
    I will miss you...You inspired me with your floorcloths, and I treasure the wonderful coasters I won from you.
    Be well, happy, healthy, and prosper.


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