Monday, February 11, 2013

All Under One Roof

View from the stairs of my little shop, Ranch Dressing Handmade & Vintage
 On the last day of January I began rearranging, stuffing, stacking, and layering all of my inventory. All of it!...under one roof. It's been a long time since I have been able to focus (my word of the year) like this and it feels good!

Down the center
 I closed my booth in Lexington and moved two truck loads back home. It was bittersweet as I've already told some of you that have been in. I had such high hopes, but I was really just spreading myself too thin.

Kitchen Wares
In retrospect, and from all the good comments from people coming in here the last few weeks, I don't know why I ever ventured away from my own shop in the first place. It is so easy here and it was always so stressful and really hard keeping one or more booths while I attempted to keep things going here. I'm happy to say that now I'm focusing...there's my word again...I'm moving right along and things are falling into place. For the last two weeks, I've had new customers coming from my Facebook campaign and I've also managed to get my studio organized enough to start planning for some workshops.

Back Corner
As you can see the shop is brimming with stuff  and that I don't need to be looking for anything else to go in here to sell...but I'm planning on having our vendor sale again this May and I will need extra things to go under the shed. I'm already on the hunt for those things!...and for vendors...I'm planning to send out information to potential vendors in March so if you may be interested get me your contact info.

I've even taken in the stairwell going up to my studio
 If you haven't entered our contest yet for the $100 shopping spree here at the ranch, you still have time. You can get all the information here on the blog from this link...CONTEST

And also, our February edition of our newsletter went out today. You can view if from this link...NEWSLETTER. If you'd like to have it sent directly to your inbox each month along with an occasional announcement or two please sign up at the bottom of the newsletter.

The other back corner of Ranch Dressing
Thanks so much for supporting our small business and too, for shopping local. It's not only fun to get out and off the beaten path once in a while, it's the right thing to do! Thank you!

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