Monday, June 10, 2013

Bring out the's still raining!

Hand Poured Soy Candles in Vintage Swan Pottery Vessels
All of this spring rain has surely put a halt on any outdoor picture taking I've wanted to do this last week...or two! On a brighter note, the time inside has given me the opportunity to get a little more organized and I did happen to get a few more individual inventory shots of my rentals.

In the photo above I'm showing two of my vintage pottery swans that I've hand poured scented soy wax into. These are available for rent for entry tables...etc. They will burn for your entire event or longer and will  greet your guests with a pleasant aroma of your choosing. I stock all of the popular fragrance oils and can order by request....such a special touch for your special day or event!

A chipmunk sipping rain water from a leaf that had blown up on our front porch
The daily rains have also forced me to slow my roll and to try to enjoy a somewhat slower me an opportunity also to notice that there is another world existing right under my nose that I'd ignored for quite a while...

A fledgling wren I found in the herb garden
I love my work, but I also love living out in the country and farm life. It takes balance to do it all. I'm still working on that...and focus! 

This summer, I'm making it my goal to live a balanced life. I'm blessed that I can and I'm very grateful! I love my life on the farm and my design and rental business that I run right here from home. It's the very best of both worlds. 

As I look out my window's raining...again, but, that's okay.

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