Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slowly but Surely

Things are moving slowly but steady. Each day I do something to get us closer to opening our doors in May. It still sounds like a long way off but in a few weeks, things will really get busy around here with all there is to do around Christmas time and before you know it it will be 2010.

Today I finally made a decision on the banner for the blog which can also be my button for sharing on other blogs. I think she represents us well. Very retro, very cowgirl and very pretty.

I added a description of what I expect the shop to be like. It will grow and evolve, but this is what I'm seeing so far.

I'm still cleaning things from the trailer. The mildew and dust makes me feel horrible on a daily basis. This can truly be called a labor of love. I can't eat or sleep when I'm nauseous and stuffed up. Benedryl and Claritin are my good friends these days.

I have found some great treasures, one being this Roseville piece. It's in near perfect condition with only one tiny crack under the rim. It doesn't go all the way through and doesn't show on the outside. I've never been a collector of Rosville, but have seen many a person get carried away in a bidding war at an estate sale. If you are interested in purchasing it you can contact me by email and we will talk turkey.

Roseville Zepher Lilly Green #132 7
Even though it's not my thing, or my taste, I do appreciate the details and the lovely glazes. It should bring enough to help with my allergy meds!

Just my two cents.


  1. just found your blog! the vase isn't my taste either, but there'll be plenty of those who just get weak-kneed when they see it. i am very allergic to mildew also. so how did you come by this container of old, discarded goodies?

  2. Hi Janean, so glad you found my blog...I got the container from a friend that rents them for temporary storage. He'd been holding onto the stuff for years and years (15 I believe)when the family never returned to collect their belongings. In conversation, we mentioned our idea of opening a shop and our friend offered to let us see what he had in the trailer. It was the mother lode of good junk! Now another year and a half later it's here and we are having such a good time discovering what's in all the boxes.


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