Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Give Away from Free Rein Studio

We have been enjoying our first snow of fact it is our first snow in a few years that we could actually get out and play in. No ice for once, but now after 4 full days our driveways are compacted to the point that it is treacherous to walk on. My trip to the barn yesterday and today was dicey to say the least, but today the temps will reach almost 50 so I am hoping a lot of the slick stuff will melt.

house, studio and barn
It has been so beautiful, especially with the full moon over the weekend. It's so odd here to look out at night and see so much white and then get up in the morning and see farther out into the woods and hills because of all the snow on the ground making a contrast between the ground and trees. I love winter. It won't be long until all the surrounding trees are green again and will close in around us making our little farm seem smaller and contained to only what I can see up to the tree line.

A Peek at God's Artistry

creek on the back of our property

thought this was interesting 

and thought this was pretty
icicles on one of our many, many Randolph County rocks


our sweet Chico after a good roll
and back to business...our Give Away for February is not anything with hearts or lace or pink or chocolate but it is something you can use to sit your mug of hot chocolate on this month or your glass of lemonade when it warms up and we are wishing for cold weather again.

Below is a picture of a pair of coasters from Free Rein Art & Design, my art studio. The art is inspired by tipi art from a Hugging Bear design. I have adapted it to my square coaster and square and rectangular floorcloths by squaring off his legs. My 6 year old nephew just yesterday, was laughing at the funny little bears lying on my coffee table and told me that real bears could not bend their arms and legs like that. Out of the mouth of babes!

To enter the contest to win a pair of hugging bear coasters simply leave a comment here and tell me what's wrong with this picture. My niece, the sister of my little critic I spoke of above also noticed something peculiar with the pair. In my haste, I hadn't noticed and have been displaying the photo on my websites. lol.

If you are the winner of the coasters, I will custom paint these in a colorway of your choosing or will let you choose another design, also to your color preference.

The coasters are hand painted onto heavy weight canvas and applied to a cork backing. They are finished with 5 coats of acrylic poly for protection. They have my artist mark instead of signature on the front with the date, and will arrive with a certificate of authenticity. The prize is a $35 value.

The contest will be open until the 23rd of February and the winner announced the 24th.

Good luck to all. 


  1. they're sweet even if one of them has no fingernails....maybe he's the boy bear and keeps his nails neatly manicured short! LOL.

    Your photos look like post cards with that snow!

  2. Nice art work ---- but it's okay to be diffient - but since you have said to find the missing okay one is missing a white square on one arm and fingernails no alll arms and legs-- Smile

  3. Well, it looks like they got there ahead of claws..but wanted to tell you how much I love them.
    I paint alot of Native American you know, on my floorcloths...(being part Cherokee and all)...
    The snow looks lovely, and I miss it's beauty, but not shoveling.
    I am taking a hiatis for a few weeks, but wanted to say "happy trails to you, until we meet again"...

  4. Thank you ladies for commenting and I love how sweet everyone has been. I was in such a hurry to finish these because I had bigger fish to fry that day. Thank goodness I didn't do them for immediate sale. lol

    Please anyone wanting to enter the contest do so and don't worry about offending me in any way. I thought it would be a fun contest.

    I promise that your prize will be complete!

  5. Chico needs to warm-up with the Cow...

  6. Oops ~ no claws on the 2nd one! I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. :)
    Sign me up, I'd love to have some of these adorable coasters. Thanks!

  7. love the coasters. They are perfect with or without claws. :)


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