Friday, January 29, 2010

Rein in Your Fears...Paint Your Furniture

Last week I showed you the twin beds I had started painting black and had just started painting the spindles in jewel tones...


This week I finished painting all the spindles and snapped a few photos along the way to give you an idea of what it takes to get from the original stained finish to a chippy painted finish.

After painting the spindles ...and you will see, that I didn't have to go to much trouble keeping the lines straight...I got my black paint back out and painted another coat over everything. I almost wished I had done a bang up job and was able to leave them this way...but I had plans and was excited to see the result.

After all was solid black again I sanded off just enough paint with my hand sander to allow some of the color to peep through and in some places I got down to the bare wood. In keeping with my old chippy theme I aged the newly painted and sanded foot board with a coat of burnt sienna, left it for a few minutes and wiped off the excess.

 You will notice a big difference in the area that is aged...much richer.

The trick is knowing how long to leave the burnt sienna on before wiping it away. Too soon and it's like you did nothing, too long and it's just another coat of paint. 
I like to add a couple of coats of acrylic poly to make the color pop and to protect the wood...not that a few bumps would hurt it now.

It's hard to see the detail in this tiny photo but you can double click for the larger view.

I realize a lot of people in my business would have thought the beds in their original condition were treasures just as they were...and I do agree...but I can not leave well enough alone when I get an idea...and I really like them better painted, chipped and looking like there may be a story that goes with them. 

You will be seeing them again in the shop this Spring and here again on the blog when I get far enough along to show you display photos.

Want to learn to paint your own chippy furniture or frames? I will be offering workshops this summer here at the studio...upstairs above the shop. Stay tuned for details...or go ahead and let me know if you are interested and we will try to set up dates. 

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