Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday's Thrifty Find

Is it really Thursday already? This first week back to work since all the holiday hoopla has flown by. I have an art project that was due weeks ago that hasn't gone very well. Actually, it's not art specifically, but reproduction of some documents. Had I been thinking I'd have asked for the originals, and photo-shopped in old paper and called it finished. But, no. I said, "yes, I can make them look just like the originals -by hand." Did you hear my voice go up? That's what I do when I have no idea of what I'm talking about. So instead I came home with photo copies of the documents and copies of samples of old paper to duplicate. Why me?

At any rate, with lots of trial and error this week, I figured out what I did and didn't have and trapsed off to Hobby Lobby for a real dip pen, some ink and aged parchment. Before I got within 2 miles of the store it hit me that there are two pretty good thrift shops right on the way. My spirits were instantly lifted.

My first stop was very successful and I found my arms loaded before I'd been in there 10 minutes. I had to use a shopping cart to get all my treasures to the truck. This is the best time of year for thrifting...clean out time at home.

The second stop looked like a bust until I noticed a dark display case in the middle of the store. Inside was a very large bowl, an iron frying pan, and some random baby rabbit planters. Not sure why they were locked up really? I asked about the bowl and playing it very cool asked if that was a firm price? $20 marked down from $30. "Well," she said, "It's already been marked down since Christmas" I looked a little disappointed, I guess and then she said to me, "Well, it does have a little crack and nobody will pay $20 for it with a crack." So, I left with the bowl for $15 and since I'm probably adding it to my tiny (and growing) collection of Watt pottery, I'm not going to complain too much about the price. It's a #39 spaghetti bowl. It will just be another dust collector at our spaghetti will be served from this one.

Added to the others on top of the corner cupboard in the dining room.

Can you tell that I like red?

The other goodies are for the shop...several frames that I will re-paint, an old pastoral print, a set of very cool and very cute dishes from the 60's I believe, a little piece of English china with a hunt scene, a basket, some Christmas stuff and a little red suit case. No pictures yet of the goodies; they will remain hidden away until the open house.

To see where the other Watt pieces came from see this post: Cold and Chilly, a Good Day for Beans.

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Happy Thrifting!

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  1. Oh do I LOVE a good thrift store! Found one the other day that just opned and turned out I went to HS with the girls running it.
    Great find on the bowl.


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