Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold and chilly, A good day for beans!

I scored big this week for my thrifty find. It was $0 and my sister actually dug it out of a box for me when I was in another room.

It is a Watt Apple #76 Bean Pot. It's in perfect condition with no chips, but I couldn't find the lid. Even without it it's a wonderful find considering it was hidden away in the attic. I got my first piece of Watt pottery from my great-grandmother when she passed away...the pitcher. Next came the bowl at a flea market when I was 25. It was only$6. LOL! Even though it's been almost another 25 years,I guess now I am officially a collector.

This bean pot came from an old house that is being cleaned out to prepare for sale. After the owner's passed away most everything was left as is. The tablecloth is still on the table and medicines are still in the cabinet. Kinda creepy! The house has sat this way for many years so you can imagine the precautions we took going through things. I DO NOT like spiders or mice! ...and whatever the larger varmit was that left his calling card in the attic. The farm, though, is lovely and I will try to get some pictures of it when my husband and I go back out, hopefully on Saturday to get a couple pieces of furniture.

Thank you so much Debbie and Jimmy for letting us rummage through!

This one I am keeping, but I did find several fun things out there for the shop that I will show you on Monday.

Happy Thrifty Thursday! Link back here with your finds...I'd love to see.

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