Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Impressions - The Logo

I've been spending a good deal of time thinking and playing around with images for my logo for Ranch Dressing. I want something simple like the one I have for the studio and at the same time convey that I definitely am not the salad dressing.

I've got several ideas that are appealing to me...one being dictionary-like using only words and then the other is a sort of paper doll-like concept. I've always loved paper dolls and used to buy them often as a little girl, when I had saved up a few dollars. My grandmother subscribed to McCall's magazine and of course, she let me have the Betsy McCall paper dolls each month. I even liked to design my own clothes for them, coloring them with markers or water colors until they looked almost as good as the printed ones.

This Doris Day paper doll set was a surprise that was included in a box of "junque" at an estate sale. I only wanted the Charles Chips cookie and chip tins, not knowing inside were several treasures.

I really like the idea of the avatar that I found and made on Yahoo. She's the contemporary paper doll. I chose the elements that made her look like me -with the exception of the waistline- and I can continue to redress her for occasions, the season and even put her into various environments. I just don't like the Yahoo link that goes along with her so now I am on the lookout for a program that will let me make paper doll-like avatars without any strings attached. Anyone know what I might need? Maybe I will just use Doris. Who knows?

Maybe I will use both somehow together or maybe do something altogether different. I will eventually get my vision and one day, hopefully soon, you will notice that I will be sporting a new logo and banner, and just maybe a cute little spokes person that will clarify that Ranch Dressing is not just for salads anymore.

Just my two cents!

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