Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday's Thrifty Find

My thrifty find this week came in a pair. Someone obviously doesn't like birds as much as I do and donated a pair of bird planters to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. They still had the tiniest bit of paint left on them for eyes and some on the nests, but when I scrubbed the embedded filth off I washed their little eyes away completely. So sad.

The happy ending to the story is that the birds now have jobs unless I decide to put them in the shop...but that's not likely because I really, really love them. The little tan one is perched on my desk and holds paper clips and rubber bands. The cup came with my stainless steel cookware and has been in a drawer for about 10 years. If I ever need it I will know where to find it. The other 3 may or may not be in the drawer.

The other little cutie sits on the cook stove and holds our toothpicks. I'm a flosser myself, but you never know who may need one and this little bird has a nest full.

They, of course, were a steal or I wouldn't have brought them home with me...well, to be really honest, I probably would have paid twice what I paid because they were in my basket before I looked at the tags. We will just say it was a pleasant surprise.

Got a thrifty deal you'd like to share? Leave a comment and I will visit your blog to take a peek. I'd love to see! Too, if you'd like to see more finds stop by Junk Sophisticate. She does this each Thursday as well.


  1. I love functional thrift finds! And your little birdie is cute with or w/o eyes. Thanks for stopping by my blog and participating in Thriftday! Looking forward to the next one!
    Candy - AKA Junk Sophisticate


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