Thursday, October 1, 2009

Recycle, Upcycle, It's all Good!

This post was started on Tuesday, but with our daughter's move taking place this week I am just now getting the time to sit and finish my writing...

As I trot along daily with my idea notebook close by at all times, I am on the constant lookout for things for the shop. Not everything will be hand painted or vintage ready to sell items. That's going to be a big part of the business and the easy part, but the absolute most fun part will be the things that have been re-purposed or up-cycled.

Living on an old farm has been a 21 year treasure hunt for us. Every time we dig in the dirt around here something from years past seems to magically crop up...from arrow heads dating back hundreds of years to old pieces of farm machinery and horse and mule shoes by the dozens.

I've never had the heart to throw any of the treasures away even though most of these things were worthless to the ones that left them here. Art can be found just about anywhere and it's beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. I happen to love rusty old stuff and have made the old horse and mule shoes the focal point of the walkway through the herb garden. I have so many now that I have decided to use some of them in the new walk into the shop.

I believe we should recycle in the first place and of course reuse what we can. If we can do this as an art form it's even better. When you come out to our first open house, in the spring, you can be sure to find some assemblage art pieces. You can call them recycled or doesn't really matter. They will of course, be made from something that someone else thought was disposable and it will be given a new purpose and once again be of value.

I found a wonderful example of a rusty ranch assemblage this morning on one of my favorite websites, Junkmarket Style, by upcycle  artist Jenny Kompolt .

It just makes good horse sense to reuse what we have. What can you reuse today?

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