Monday, October 26, 2009

A Big Box of Junk

Ordinarily this would not be something I would want to call attention to. It's not exactly adding to the character of what we are trying to do here....but,

behind these big ugly doors awaits Ranch Dressing's future. Inside are treasures galore. It's been 15 months since we discovered the bounty inside and today it finally arrived.

It's a long story about how this all came about. It almost didn't happen...but today, it showed up here about 10:30 am with enough stuff to get the shop off to a great start in May.

Stop back by later this week for peeks.


  1. Totally NOT FAIR ... how dare you tease! I want to see what's behind those doors .... please??
    I'm sure it's full of delicious goodies!!


  2. I've heard some of the things...its amazing!

  3. Ha ha...she's not supposed to leak info! But, it is amazing.


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