Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Monday and I'm till Party-ing.

We went to a Pirates of the Carribean costume party on Saturday night hosted by our neighbors who completely converted their barn into the Black Pearl. There were pirates of all sizes along with every other character you can imagine and food galore...including a cat litter cake. You've got to experience that at least once in your lifetime. Imagine scooping out your portion of streusel topped cake with melted, twisted tootsie rolls randomly placed, with a kitty litter scoop... I couldn't follow through...although my husband had two helpings and it was a popular treat for the kids.

At any rate, it's that time of year when everyone loves a party and it's just the beginning of bigger things to come in the next couple of months. Speaking of parties, Flea Market Style is hosting a blog party today and I'm heading over just as soon as I upload my photos.

It doesn't look like much at first glance but I am quite happy with my haul.

As promised I have the rest of the pics from the little unexpected junking trip my sister and I made early last week to the little farm house going up for sale near my old high school.  My husband and I had hoped to return over the weekend for the bigger pieces but we weren't able to work it in after pieces will come later.

I brought it all into the studio in just 3 trips from the truck, but there are several good treasures among the rust and dirt. First you will remember the bean pot that I've claimed for myself and already put on top of my corner cupboard.

...and if you'll notice what looks like a plain fish bowl in the top photo....

it's actually a Lance peanut butter jar. This too, I am keeping for me, but it will be used in the shop to display...I don't know...something that needs to go in a jar. Maybe a fish after all.

And then there is this very sweet handmade fishing box. Inside were all kinds of old fishing line weights and sinkers. The antique tack hammer was lying on the tool bench next to the box and was there for the I did.

And you know I love advertising tins and bottles so I emptied all the old nails, screws and bolts from the cans and put as many of the cans as I could fit into this hand made kindling box and put them in the truck.  Some I will add to my personal collection in the cupboard on my porch....

and some will go onto the shop.

Everyone I know already has several of these old rake heads hanging around displaying dried herbs or being used as a keychain holder, but not husband is too practical and makes new handles for the ones I've found. This one is hidden and will be made into something...anything...but a rake head...same for the old pieces below...

They were photographed in the herb garden, but they too will be hidden away for later use as something decorative and hopefully functional in some way. The hoe and "tater" fork have already been given new pipe handles by another practical man. I may reuse those as birdfeeder posts.

There are too, a couple of sets of whitetail antlers. I plan to use them in winter wreaths. One for me, and one for the shop...well, maybe two for me and next year when the shop is officially open I will part with one for the shop. We'll see.

Don't forget to join the party to see all the treasures.


  1. Great finds! I especially love that old hand-made fishing tackle box!

  2. I'm fond of rake heads too. I've used them as picture holders, quilt hangers, and much more. I hung one on the front of an old window that I used as a frame for a quilt panel. So much potential!


  3. I will so be looking more closely at rake heads from now on ... thanks for opening my eyes!!


  4. We hang our garden handtools on just such a rake head. Love that bold tackle box. Kitty Litter cake...can't do it either!

  5. Great finds! Love the Lance jar.



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