Monday, January 4, 2010

January Give Away

Everywhere I go now I am telling people about Ranch Dressing and all about how exciting it is to find, recycle, display and sell junk. It's really great junk, but someone's cast offs, no less.

For the most part the response has been positive and the "locals" are signing up for invites to the first open house in May....
...and then there was the "one" that got an odd look on her face and smiled like the grinch and I could tell right away...she didn't get it.

So, I decided for my first give away I would offer you all a chance to win one of my favorite books on collecting junk to make an elegant home. The title is junk chic by Kathryn Elliott.

In this book the author shows how she took a plain jane home and totally transformed it into a fabulous place with old and outdated furniture, a little paint, imagination, and some really good junk. I've really loved this book because she uses a lot of faux painting. Not the old 90's stuff, but her own style, to create just the right backdrop for decorating with vintage pieces.

Notice the pot rack is made from an old coffee table...clever.

So, whether you love junking or you don't yet have a clue why we do this....I'd love to send you this wonderful little book.

The rules are simple:  Leave a comment on this page
                                Check back on Jan. 25th to see who is randomly chosen to win the book.


  1. I am so enjoying your blog. You are a very busy lady. Hope to get my and see you next time we are in town. Mandy Whalen

  2. I can only assume that your “Grinch” has never known the sheer thrill of wandering through a myriad of old, abandoned junk and finding and redeeming that one pearl of an item that’s been overlooked and just needs a little tender loving care and polishing to become a thing of great beauty, admiration and envy even. The poor soul . . .

  3. So glad Mandy, that you read my blog. Not much readership yet at this point. I need to work on that too. I'd love to see you when you get up this way.

    So eloquently said Judy. And, no the Grinch only buys from the mall. So sad :(

  4. happy to have found you just today. I love thrift stores, junktiques, restyling.

  5. Hi Angie, It's been a long while for me visiting my favorite blogs. Life, holidays and work has taken over my blog time. I have enjoyed catching up on your blog and hope to be back and visiting often. Hopefully I'll win the book. I desperately need some inspiration for our new (old) home. We pretty much gave away most of our furniture when we moved. I wanted to start fresh. Right now we are using fold up lawn chairs in the living area(lol). I did finally order a sofa that should be here next month. That is the only piece that I intended to buy new. The rest I will find at flea markets and thrift stores.

    Love your blog,


  6. I LOVE shopping at thrift stores! I've found quite a few goodies there. My kitchen hutch, china cabinet, couch, and 2 living room chairs all came from a thrift store! Now, if I could only figure out how to arrange them~I could really use this book!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog...and as you know, I am totally into junk- whether redoing my old house or selling it at shows. I'll be back to visit again!



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