Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekly Shop Update

Last week's news of the metal siding order being completely messed up took a turn for the better. After witnessing a 2 day tantrum by a 47 year old man and wondering how he handles mulit-million dollar projects at work...????...he finally figured that it would be a lot easier to borrow a metal break from our neighbor and fix it himself. Soon thereafter he had 3 sides on, the attic vents bought and the door frame in place...

I'm amazed at what that man can do in a weekend.

 I'm really liking the view from the back porch...(those dead vines on the rocks were from ivy we are trying to get rid of. They are finally brittle enough to tear away, but I've already seen a couple of snakes and am a little leery.)

So, as he gets his new shop closer to being closed in and the floor poured, we are both closer to getting what we want! In about 3 weeks we will be able to start unloading  the trailer and get all of Rick's stuff out of the studio and moved into his shop. That will be the staging area while we get Ranch Dressing ready for our first Open House Sale. Some will all be organized and that will be a... great day!

This day, I am working on a small project for the shop...I've already started painting and working on the interior of this old Victorian clock case.  

The case will get a white wash over the know me, I can't be happy with solid color.

I'm only using one piece of the jewelry on the card...Aren't they fabulous with the paper?

The little blue pieces of wood were originally inside the case as support...I removed them and am adding them back for the same purpose but in a different position.

Can you guess what it's new purpose is? If it will help, there are some hooks going in there as well, I just haven't found them yet.

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