Thursday, April 1, 2010

Suncrest Sign Had My Name on It

I scored a nice little rusty sign yesterday to compliment my bottle collection. My friend, Lisa at Homethrown Pottery...just down the road a piece...put up some pics on her Facebook page with some new/old things she was about to put in her shop.

 See my Suncrest bottle...with the blue label.

I commented that I loved the sign and by the time I got up yesterday morning I had decided that I really loved it so much that I needed to have it on our wall in the dining room.

I had to rearrange things just a bit because I hadn't had anything on the walls...the Coca Cola girls were on either side of the window propped up on the plate rail. I think they look nice there together in their new arrangement now.

Looking at the photo makes me notice how much I need to get cracking on a new floorcloth for us. I will put that on my list of "to do's".

Thanks again Lisa for posting the pictures...I would hate to think I had missed out on this little piece of nostalgia!

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