Monday, March 29, 2010

An Early Spring Break

We returned last night from a wonderful visit with our daughter in Oklahoma. Ironically we spent 4 days in "tornado alley" without so much as a threat of a tornado only to come home to tornadoes and storms all over the place. Our plane had such a rough landing in Charlotte that they couldn't use the plane for the next flight. Scary!

Now we are safe and sound and it's back to a normal day here...washing clothes,listing etsy items, blogging and pushing towards getting the shop open. Not too much for one day....if you say it fast enough.

Thought I'd share with you a few highlights of the trip before I get cracking with my day...

Our girl works on a ranch in Enville OK.

When we got there on Thursday there were already 8 or 9 foals already on the ground for this season...before we left there were 2 more...only 30 something more to go....

This little one chose to show up at noon on a warm day instead of kid!

He's fancy with 3 white feet and a big blaze....He is a Custom Legend baby.

I managed to get a pic of Crome this time...He was getting ready to go to work and I got to help groom him before his ride up to the breeding lab. He's such a sweetheart.

We spent Saturday afternoon at Ft. Worth Stockyards.

These guys singing on the roof of the tattoo parlor were actually pretty good...Erin calls this part of town Cowboy Myrtle Beach...pretty good analogy I thought.

Headed down to watch the afternoon cattle drive...

 Here they come

And why do they have to tell some people to stand back?

Erin and I...
Sam (son) refuses to have his picture taken...although he is in a few by accident. That's him behind Crome and I have him in some of the baby pics.

The walk over the stockyard

The stockyard

Going down town for supper

 The Cowgirl Museum mural

Time goes by so quickly...I can't believe we are already home. The entire time we continued to plan what we would do next trip out. It's hard sometimes keeping up with a 21 year old!

Have a good week and I will be back here later on with new goodies for the shop.


  1. Great pictures!! I love the ones of the foal being born. We're heading to Houston Wednesday--I hope I get to see some horses.

  2. I love visiting Ft.'s a whole 'nother adventure. I saw we were in OK the same time...wonder if we crossed paths? I should have been looking for you!

  3. Great post! The foal is just darling! Good ole cowtown! Born and raised here!
    glad you stopped by!
    smiles, alice


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