Monday, March 1, 2010

Time to Swap

The day has come...I found out Saturday morning the name of my junk swapping partner for "The Junk Swap" hosted by Junk Market Style.

After reading this post in January I knew it was something I had to on from Junk Market Style's Blog...

What is a junk swap? It is the act of trading some of your found objects for some equally as desireable junkables chosen for you by your junk swap partner. We're talking junk in the rough here. Anything you can come up with that is found curbside, in your garage, or perhaps even a dumpster will do. After you have chosen the loot, package it up and send it via Wells Fargo Express to your partner. What''s the twist? This time we're making it a challenge. Upon receipt of your junkmail, it is your duty and obligation (trying to sound official here) to look at your junk, close your eyes, forget about what it was, and think only about what it can become. After you have collected your thoughts, it's time to collect your tools and get creative. Once you have finished your projects (with some or all of the junk you received) it would be fantabulous if you would post your finished project on the site.

So now if I weren't busy enough, I'm adding one more thing to the mix. This is how I roll. The more I have going the more inspired I become.

 My partner for this project is relatively close by which will hopefully spark a new junking friendship. She is incredibly talented at what she does and I am really looking forward to working with her. We will be choosing "special junk" for one another soon and I will let you know more about the project as we go but today I want to send you to her blog for a peek at her talents. Again...incredibly talented. The name of her blog is Down Home DIY.

On the agenda for this week is to begin listing all the guitar catalogs and brochures. I've decide after much research to list the rare ones and some with duplicates on ebay and the others in my etsy store. I will give you a heads up when they are listed. Some, I've found out are really rare, so if you know of a collector you may want to pass on the info.

I am hoping to finish the end tables/night stands this week as well. They continue to evolve and are really going to be something more than I first envisioned. I hope and pray there are other people like me out there that can appreciate "western cuteness". Not cutesy like nursery cute...oh well, you'll see what I mean later.

Have a great week!

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