Monday, March 15, 2010

From This to That

No, it's not a parade float....

This is one of the re-styled tables that started as one of the - probably homemade - pieces that I found in the trailer.  They were in the yard sale collection for a few days until they began to show their potential as night stands for the twin beds that I already have ready to go into the shop.

Not a bad little just painted black.

 They have beaded fronts and sides....nice but too plain... for me.

To the beaded sections I decoupaged images of vintage cowboy/cowgirl art tiles

Added a few jewels... to catch a little light.

Came up with a swirl design for the corners on each level...

Had thought I may paint them red until the white transfer paper left a silvery looking swirl over the black paint...

This is the best silver coat...very shiny.

Measured and cut all the fringe by hand...

Added feet so that all the fringe could be the same length...added fringe and nickle studs. 
Any idea what the feet are made from?

The ends from player piano rolls. I found boxes of them in the container but unfortunately some were so old and fragile that they've fallen apart and the only parts savable were the ends...but how perfect they are as feet for re-styling the little night stands.

Top View

And then there were two.

They will be available in the shop at our first open house. Stay tuned...


  1. Very cool that you brought the table new life.

  2. Funky and cool. Love the fringe detail. I'm a new follower.


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