Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vintage Guitar Catalogs...who knew?

I spent a good deal of time yesterday scanning and photographing old vintage guitar catalogs that I found in a musty smelling box in the container. It was my goal to take out a box each day and do something with the contents. For most of the boxes that has been simple...just sort and stash for the shop. I had no idea it would take soooo long to scan a box of catalogs.

 Full line 1960's Gibson Guitar and Amp Catalog

Galaxy of Stars in same catalog
There are so many cool catalogs and brochures I get sidetracked looking and reading. I'm not a musician but it makes me want to be a collector of these beautiful old instruments...or at least the catalogs. I love the illustrations and too the 1950's and 60's photos.  Some of the duplicates may find their way into frames and then onto a wall or two in our house or studio.

Gibson Folk Instrument  8 page Catalog

Some of them, I've discovered are rare and collectible. I shudder to think that this box could have easily been tossed into a dumpster at some point. The catalog below is really gorgeous.

 1960 full line Gibson Guitar and Amps

interesting photography

There are about 40 pages of products listed this way...an excellent reference

another nice illustration among the photos

I could just go on and on...

And lastly A Story of a Guitar. This was printed for Kay Instrument Company in 1964-65 as best I can tell. It is like new and documented in beautiful sepia tone photos and illustrations. This is a gem of a book...and I have two!

First page....

You can find these four already listed in my etsy shop and I will continue to add until I've got them all in there.

Today, I am adding a really unique RCA Victor TV catalog. The pages are individually removable from the binder so I'm thinking this may have been a salesman's catalog. It's about an inch thick and has great photography...a pretty model in every picture. Be sure to check it out and if you know a collector of any to these items please let them in on the sale.
Anyone know a tip for getting the "old smell" out of paper?  I'm sure there must be something.

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