Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thusday's Thrifty Find

No thrifting this week for add more fuel to the fire we've had to get up hay from the fields at our place and at our neighbor's. It's kind of late for a first cutting but we've had so much rain this spring we missed out on prime time and have been fortunate not to lose it (the hay, and some sanity I suppose) altogether.

I love the smell of hay and when it's stacked in the loft and I know we are good for the year it's well worth the sweat, scratches and itchiness until shower time. We have one more trailer left to stack and then we are done.

Because of our busy summer schedule we will not have a proper vacation this year. I do have a trip planned for August to visit our daughter in Oklahoma and made reservations this week. In lieu of staying on the cheap in the camper on the ranch, I decided to make the best of it and stay on Lake Murray this time since my sister and her 6 year old are traveling with me. It's about 15 minutes from the ranch and there's lots to do....And, somehow, I don't know why this keeps happening, I've chosen another place that is "said" to be haunted. We'll see. If so, it will be a great post for the blog.

Tucker Tower on Lake Murray
click here for an interesting little video...and history of the "ghost" Alfalfa Bill Murray

The water on this lake is really blue...not like the murky brown waters in NC.

One of the cabins on the lake...maybe ours?

Do you want to bet that the storage cabinet beside the fireplace is the only "closet" in the place? thrifty find for the week is a mini vacation for the same price as a room at the Holiday Inn for the same amount of days...and this is what we get.

A little from their website.....Lake Murray State Park is Oklahoma's oldest and largest state park consisting of 12,500 acres located on the shores of beautiful Lake Murray. Other activities include golfing, picnics, camping, horseback riding, hayrides, hiking, biking, rollerblading, swimming, miniature golf and paddle boating. Sports facilities include an 18-hole golf course with a pro shop, tennis courts, softball fields, baseball diamond, horseshoe pits, badminton and volleyball nets.

Lake Murray State Park offers a wonderful ATV area for 3/4 wheelers, motorcycles and dirt bikes. Other facilities found in the park include an airstrip, bait and tackle shop, marina with rentals, swimming pool with a changing house, swimming beach, riding stable, remote control air field for hobbyists, miniature golf course and Frisbee golf. The Tucker Tower Nature Center features local artifacts, nature programs and activities conducted by the state park naturalist.

Erin discovered the lake when she was looking for places to run besides the road where she lives. Now that Summer is here she goes to the lake for swimming, boating and fishing with friends it's just the perfect place for us to stay. Can't wait till August!

 The lake at sunset...taken by Erin

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  1. Oh my gosh - MUCH more inviting than the Holiday Inn too!!! I'm envious - and seriously... I kind of hope it's haunted so I can hear about it from you. LOLOL

    :-D robelyn


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