Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday's Featured Shop Items

What a busy week it's it is Friday again...and it's alreadyt 5:30. That rolled around quick!

To catch up on the week, I've finished a 4'x 6' floorcloth for the show in May. Here's a little peek...

corner of floorcloth, if you want to see it before May, you'll have to stop by the studio and say "pretty please" or come to the show. I've got another 4' x 6' started. I hope to have it finished next weekend if all goes as planned. Check back in and I'll have another snippet for you.

Now on to the featured shop items for the week. This weekend, I've got two for the ladies and one for the men...for Valentines Day. If you haven't gotten your sweetie anything yet why not swing by the Ranch and pick her/him out something unique.

For the Ladies

Something pretty to present her chocolates on that she can later display on the wall or on a stand.

Beautiful selection of vintage beaded clutch purses for an evening out

Pieces of vintage costume jewelry from an estate collection

For the Fellas

Authentic vintage string box turned trinket box...great for his ring, keys, pocket knife...

Inside of trinket box with vintage sheet music

Charles Russel prints from the 50's

Buck Jones Comic Book
 ...and as a special note for my male readers....

What NOT to buy her from the shop....

 Pink Heath-O-Meter Bath Scale with original paperwork.

Although it is really cute, if you have a retro pink bathroom. I was excited to find these...and yes, they are in the shop.

We will be open Monday -Valentines Day -by appointment. 


  1. i love the what "not" to buy section! :)


  2. Hehe, at first I was walking around looking for pink or red things to photograph...then when I decided against doing that I didn't want to leave out the scales...I love them!

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