Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've managed to keep my promise and post every Wednesday for three or four in a row now. This is working!

...Since last week we've spent every minute being productive and honestly, I am glad this week is a regular  schedule.

Last Friday we made our annual trek up to Hillsville, Va for the big flea market.  This is the first year in 18 that I didn't find anything I couldn't live without. I came home with 2 sets of salt and pepper shakers, a pair of drawer pulls and a pitcher that wasn't even old...and something else I know,but can't recall. 

By early afternoon it was miserably hot and then it stormed on us about the time I finally found some things I was interested in for the shop. We waited it out for a while but most of the vendors kept their things covered up in case another storm rolled through so we packed up as well and left. All in all it was a fun day even though we didn't come home with anything for resell.

Saturday, we picked up Erin at the airport. She was easy to spot coming out the door..looking like Taylor Swift in her cute little dress and cowboy boots. She looks so much like Taylor that when she meets people that's usually one of the first things they notice about her. 

 Do you see any resemblance? 

Also, on Saturday, Rick started building sections of our Depot booth here at home. By about 8 pm he had most everything ready and I put a coat of primer on the side wall to save me some drying time on Sunday. Long day to say the least! He built everything possible here but of course, there were a few minor changes when we got to Concord on Sunday afternoon.

We had lots of help carrying in the loads of materials and tools. Two of Sam's friends went with us and saved Rick many steps throughout the five hours we were there. We had one wall already in our space and had to add another side and a back.

10' x 10' gets a little crowded with 5 people in it...thank goodness for the media room! Oh, and Sam is the tall one there talking to his dad who is the one that looks like his patience is running low.

The side went up quickly but someone (me) forgot to add the column into the plan and our measurements were about a foot off so here was when we (husband) had to recalculate a few things. OOPS. Sorry honey.

 The color was a last minute decision...but I like it. Rick was out the door on his way to Lowes Saturday morning and I couldn't find my paint swatches in the heap of stuff on my desk where they I had to mix up something from my acrylics in the 60 seconds before he left...all while on the phone. It's all good. Right?

Monday morning was again spent building parts and pieces for the booth. About 1pm we had everything  loaded and was headed to Concord in the rain to finish. I took advantage of the muscle power and got the mantle moved in too!

The idea is a saloon front...I'm not sure why I came up with that but it's just what stuck once it came to me...and something had to stick quick! The swinging doors are actually a headboard...could you tell?

 For some reason, we had some miscommunication between designer and our roof started a little higher than planned, but what could I say, but thank you!!!! It's perfect. It still resembles an old saloon front I think.

Rick worked incredibly hard for three days with only one day off between his 15+ days straight, crazy work schedule he is pulling right now. I couldn't have done anything like this without him! Tuesday began another 15 and he seemed to be happy as he got into his truck to leave. Hmmm?

...And the buggy wheel...that I hope my Daddy doesn't really want back since he saw how much they were selling for in Hillsville on Friday. Remember, if you've been reading my blog since the beginning, that he gave me four of them. The little shelf above it is for our marketing materials...and Sam said for candy. That may not be a bad idea.

Okay, I have work to do so I can get this booth filled up! I will see you back here next Wednesday with photos of stuff inside. I hope you have a good week until then.


  1. Looks great! Love the wagon wheel too. Congrats to you, Ric and the boys. Sorry I was the one distracting you on the phone when you were trying to mix paint. It turned out great though--sometimes that's how the best things happen. When we don't overthink!!

  2. Thanks! This is true about the over thinking...I spend way too much time with that. See you there.


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