Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Isn't it amazing when life just happens without you planning for it? It's better than we can imagine if we don't get so attached to the little things and just go with the's taken me 51 years to get to this point...but it's great no less!

Fortunately, I am not referring in any way to the acts of nature we experienced here in NC last quake trimmers and Hurricane Irene. I felt the earth move under my feet and didn't realize what it was, and the hurricane just blew all the flowers off of my bougainvilleas. Thank God, that was it!

Although the same day as Irene blew through, our daughter called to say she was coming home for a month...or so.

She's been offered a new job and has an opportunity to take an extended trip home...and she's taking it. We are thrilled! She hasn't been home since last December and Sam and I are the only ones that have seen her since. She will be here this Saturday afternoon.

Not only have I been preparing her old room by cleaning out all of the things I have stored in there, I've been getting a plan together for our booth at The Depot. We can start moving in this weekend but we first need to build a couple of walls and paint...and make some other really cool things that I will show you next week.

So, long story a little shorter, we decided it was just crazy to try to open the shop this weekend with all that has changed in a little more than a week...remember if you will, the booth at the Depot came open suddenly and I had no idea two weeks ago that we'd be doing that!

Believe it or not...I am NOT super woman! I can't do it all...boy that feels good to say out loud. Try it ladies, it's liberating in some strange way.

If you were planning to stop by this weekend, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please give us a call next week and we will open especially for you. Seriously! It's all pretty and clean and I'd hate for no one to see it before I start taking things out for the booth.

Oh, and I'm excited to announce that yesterday we had a featured item on Etsy's blog....

Antelope Lodge Floorcloth by Angie Nelson

....and today we sold our first item from Ranch Dressing Online , also on Etsy. Yay! It's been a good week!

Vintage Pink Health-o-meter Bath Scales

I hope you all are having a good week too and I will be back here next Wednesday, hopefully with photos of the construction process of our booth. Take care!

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