Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Once a Week on Wednesday

I could be talking about your mother's hair appointment, your housecleaning day or...well, I don't talk about those topics I must be talking about the blog.

It seems it is evolving into only once a week and usually on Wednesday. It's just all I can manage maybe until winter or maybe that's just all it will ever be mark your calendar for updates at the Ranch on Wednesdays.

I had to have my car serviced this morning and on the way home I stopped for a little pickin'. I managed to get two baskets of Thomasville junk into my trunk and now have it all cleaned up and ready to merchandise into the shop.

All clean and ready for a new home

How cute are the tumblers?...and the Malibu Ware?

I'm such a hog for old I sell or keep?

These refrigerator dishes are great together...and remember the Chop-O-Matic? 

How 'bout the star colander? ...and the slicer dicer thing? 

Antique hand made rolling pin, can you say very primitive?
These things came from an old cabin in town...yes, in the's the best kept secret in T'ville! The cabin was moved to the back of the property many moons ago to make way for a newer house and has been used for storage for no telling how long. It's still very sturdy and the owners plan to keep it around...unlike the utility company in our neck of the woods...

Love it! 
The sweet little building in the picture below is now long gone thanks to P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S. The power company is clearing the right of way to make way for new lines. I won't go there, for now, but just for the record, I am not happy! I did manage to get a few pieces of junk out from behind those nice doors before demolition.


Our neighbor, Kathy Godwin, took the photos. She is a great photographer, don't you think? But, now, It is gone. We are Sad....nonetheless....we should save as much of our history as possible, be it in photos or collecting things.

Everything you see here, and much more, will be ready for purchase in September. I'll be talking more about that next week...probably on Wednesday.

Talk to you next week!

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