Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Work Table Wednesday - Artisan Boxes

On my worktable are new boxes. I've said over and over...I'm obsessed and I can't stop making them. Last weekend at our opening I sold one of the cutest ever...

Girls Rule Box
I made it with a teenage girl in mind and doggone if one didn't walk right to it and pick it up. We both were thrilled! If you will notice the cute little knob on top...It's from an old pot lid I think...just one of those things in my stash waiting on a job. I thought it was the perfect touch.

Nowhere does it say boys drool, but we all know...they do! 
My boxes have evolved somewhat since the first ones I made out of necessity. (See below). I made them for the jewelry armoire I repurposed from an old clock case. You can read that story here...A Clock Case No Longer. I'm finding that they all need feet of some sort and a special topper that is something recycled and sometimes repurposed.

My very first embellished boxes
Although the stickers were nice at the time I'm  using them less now and only for recycled jewelry boxes where only the tops are embellished.  These little boxes were not finished inside so I decided to use them as gift boxes and made four more for the armoire.

My second set
These are a little more refined with finished insides and hand painted embellishments.

This week I am working on a new 7 inch square box that is also a clock...

Beginnings of clock box
It's a commission and I have until the last of September to get it finished and shipped, but I have to get with it
before my busy season hits full force. This is what I have so far....papers, rhinestones, clockworks, wooden ball feet and ribbon...

...and a hand painted hair hide top.

I've been saving this pink paper for almost a year waiting on just the right box. I love the tooled look. It's already been sealed inside and out for a nice sheen and protection for many years of use.

I have some pretty cool ideas for the rest of it...only I don't actually have all the parts I plan to use yet!  Ebay here I come!

I did, however finish a cowboy box last week and it's going in our etsy shop when I get a minute to list some things. I can see this on a bookshelf with leather bound books and trophies...or up on a chest of drawers to the side of whatever is framed above it. I hope that whomever buys it will let me know how they use it.

7" Square Box
Off to bed, tomorrow's a new day for a new box!


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