Thursday, April 4, 2013

Secret Service

I am taking a rare minute of solitude to update my blog and do a little "splainin"...that's southern for explaining...and it usually involves a long story.

If you know me, you know I thrive on change! My husband won't walk through the house in the dark for fear of running into something I've moved...or moved back. Some things, I like to keep the same and never my hair and favorite clothes. I keep my hair long and in a ponytail the majority of days.  I love wearing t-shirts, jeans and boots or flip flops...depending on the weather. But, the rest of my world pretty much changes, or evolves, as I prefer to call it, fairly often.

So, now I guess you are wondering what I'm about to throw at you so I'll just say it in plain English. I'm changing up Ranch Dressing again. No big surprise, you say...I know!  Remember the part you just read about my husband afraid to move around in the dark because I may have moved something, or moved something back? Well, I'm rearranging at the Ranch...AGAIN... and moving some things back where I started.

It's no big deal really, but I thought you should know...I'm not going to keep regular hours after all. I'm going back to appointments again. This worked beautifully in the beginning and who knows why we ever try to fix things that aren't broken...but we get carried away with how good things are and just assume they can be better...speaking for myself anyway.

For being such good sports about this I'm going to tell you a little secret...we are getting ready to offer vintage rental for weddings, photo shoots and other events very, very soon. You'll be able to view our portfolio and see our vintage props in person at our Country Marketplace at the Ranch sale in May.

I'm very excited...and also very busy! I will post more about the sale and the vintage rental as we progress!

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