Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Vendor List for Country Marketplace

I am getting very excited about our sale in May.  Last year, I was actually a little afraid that no one would show up to buy anything. I started with a handful of my closest friends as vendors, did a little marketing and hoped for the best. It worked and we had a good turnout. Whew! 

This year we have a bigger vendor list. I learned a lot from last year and am working hard to make this another good event. 

Here is our vendor list:  

Crane Farms - Winston Salem

Cabin Creek Antiques - Lexington

 Goat Feathers - Winston Salem

Stressed Out Furniture -Linwood

Loriginals - Thomasville

The Brown Eyed Suzy - Salisbury

Hennessee Home - Winston Salem

The Blackbird Box - Lexington

Vickie's Jewel Box-Lexington

Ranch Dressing - Thomasville

....and two more on deck from last year if they can clear their schedules.

....and one more good friend if she can get a day or two to finish some projects

And...we have Sweet Scoops and serve up hotdogs, ice cream, tea and lemonade on Saturday!

So, it's looking to be another good sale here at the ranch! Ya'll mark your calendars and plan to come!
See you then!

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