Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Vintage Rental Inventory is Shaping Up Quickly

Time is ticking fast now...I've got eleven days to be completely ready for the sale. I'm almost at a place where I can't do much until crunch time...

So...this week I'm focused on my vintage rental inventory. The showroom is almost finished and I've started photographing the pieces. I hope to have a good start on the catalog by the weekend of the sale...hoping. I'm also trying to figure out my catalog and rental system...I hope there is a software system out there somewhere.

I'm having the best luck finding nice pieces to add to the things I already have. I wanted these vases you see on the table, that I saw at an auction yesterday...they threw them in a box lot with the candy dish and a set of 8 green glasses. I probably wouldn't have even bid on the candy dish but I really, really love it!  I've never been much of a green person, but it's grown on me the last year or so. I love green mixed with crystal.

When I first started toying with the idea of vintage rentals I found this table and several other small vintage wedding items all in one place, that seemed to me like a sign that I was onto something meant to be. This will be a beautiful piece used as a serving or gift table.I'm thinking I may paint the chairs now. We'll see.

This was one of the first centerpieces I made when they became popular a few years ago. I've always used it to display vintage jewelry on. I set the figurine on it just to be sitting it somewhere while I was moving things and now I think I really like it as part of the centerpiece.

I don't really know how I accumulated so many vases....and I have two shelves also of green glass and brown glass...oh...and milk glass.  No lack of anything for flowers!

About twenty years ago, I bought my first piece of aluminum. I still have it on my mantle. I remember the man told me that it was going to be really collectible one day and that I should buy all that I could. Well, I bought and then sold some of, I'm buying again. I love it.  It is really fun to use and so pretty for a very vintage wedding.

This is just the tip of the iceberg...remember, I'm a hoarder. I have tons of stuff and you know I'm always looking for more.

I'm shooting for June 1st as opening day for rentals. I should be ready for the most part to begin setting appointments for consultations and for rentals.

Come out on the 17th and 18th for a preview at our Country Marketplace at the Ranch show and sale. We are having two more vintage rental vendors along with those with antique, vintage and handmade things for sale.

...and come back here for more photos! Hopefully the weather will warm up and I will be motivated to set up outside for some styled shots...that's what I'm looking forward to!

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