Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's a Candy Bar Kinda Thing

A good friend and fellow vintage rental owner asked me recently if I had vessels for a candy bar. I had pinned some pretty photos on Pinterest but, no, I really had not started collecting pretty little jars, bowls or dishes.

When I first opened my shop I had lots of glass, many beautiful crystal and glass pieces, that came from the storage trailer. I had no trouble selling them. At the time, I didn't appreciate them and couldn't see a use for them...for me personally they are gone. There are a few pieces now, that I would love to buy back since I have discovered I could use them...for a candy bar!

What is a candy bar? It's a buffet of candy actually. These are popular at receptions, engagement  and birthday parties.

This piece is made from an old
Hormel jar, 2 crystal candle holders, and a lamp finial

When looking through my inventory, I found I only had parts and pieces of jars, lids, and other baubles I had collected for making centerpieces and garden totems....then I had a light bulb moment....perfect! I got busy one afternoon and started putting pieces together until I had a nice little grouping of candy jars.

Jars and bowls for candy

Made from various pieces and parts

Interesting little bowl

This beautiful bowl I kept from the trailer contents

Two brandy snifters and two custard cups...pretty clever huh?..

I hope you like them. I enjoyed making them and now they are ready for rental.

Also, I think it's quite okay to mix things up a know I love milk glass used with vintage aluminum so I spread out a few of my pieces just to get an idea if this would work as a candy bar also... I think so!

Milk glass is the new black! goes with everything.

This will dress up or down....

I hope to have some photos soon in situ!


  1. Great Idea. What a neat way to use up glassware.

  2. Thank you! That did clear up some shelf space in the studio.


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