Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is it about Rust?

I have a thing for rust! As soon as I saw these doors I had a plan for them. The white stenciling is new as of last week but, soon I know the iron oxide will penetrate the new paint and begin to creep into the pattern and create a weathered patina that is unmatched in my opinion.

They are metal cabinet doors my husband took off so that he could better use the cabinet in his shop. Knowing I love a little rust, left them out behind the building exposed to the elements for over a year...well, we forgot about them. The little bit of rust that was in a few choice places took over as they blew to the ground during a storm I suppose and became leaf covered in the fall. They remained there through the very wet winter and spring. Early in June, they appeared on the studio porch after the hubby rediscovered them. ...very proud of "his" work, later that day he told me my doors were ready. 

 They make a unique back drop for photo sessions or behind a guest book table. I also envision them separated and used individually behind fern many ideas!!

As I look around here I see rust in every direction...

This is a great old piece...heavy, heavy! It's an old street light base and makes a gorgeous pedestal...think ferns or other spillover plants or add a flat surface to the top and use as a guest sign in spot.

How cute is this rusty old Radio Flyer? 

What would you do with this old fireplace grate? I love it for flower pots.

Okay, you just never know when you will need a rusty old iron with a bent handle...but you do know where to find one!

If I keep looking I'm sure I could find just as many more pieces around here!

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