Thursday, August 22, 2013

Parts + Pieces = Clean Studio

A while back I challenged myself to use up things from my junk stashes creatively as an incentive to get things organized. I would love to invite people back into my studio, but honestly I have no where to put them...I hardly have anywhere to work!

I'm not sure how long ago it was that I made myself that challenge...but I didn't do very well. I have continued to shop with the excuse that I needed to add to my rental inventory. Now, I actually have NO more room to store anything and I'm thinning my inventory by selling some of the overflow.

This week I've been in the studio making making more candy containers/vanity jars...etc. I made a few sales in my Etsy shop and now I'm motivated. $$

I have accumulated lots and lots of glass so I started with those shelves and I'm going to work my way around the studio until I'm down to the real junk...the stuff that probably needs to be thrown away....we'll see!

More to replace the sold pair....

Finally digging into the broken pearls I bought on Etsy years ago
A smaller set...5 and 7 inches high...nice for a vanity
This one I think I will keep...for a while at least...from a vintage fish bowl, and crystal candle holder and footed bowl

...salt shaker lid trimmed out with broken rhinestone jewelry

I have no shortage of plates either...china, ironstone, stoneware, old, new....

Small teapot centerpiece

I just brought this teapot home this past week...

The gold chains are from the old jewelry that I've had since bringing in the storage trailer in 2010...and so did the pink and gold rimmed plate.

This teapot "almost" sold a dozen different times. It works very well in it's new role as centerpiece. I hope someone will use it for tea parties!

I leave the lids unattached so you can use the teapots as vases if you'd like

These are so much fun to make! The bond is permanent and weather proof...some people use the centerpieces in the garden in warm months as totems or bird feeders...lots of uses for both jars and centerpieces.

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