Monday, December 16, 2013

Got Candles?

Hand Poured Scented Soy Candles
I never intended to become a candle shop...but it's looking like that's the big draw here these days! I've had people drive out here from other cities just for my candles.

I first started pouring my own scented soy candles a couple of years ago, when my favorite little shop stopped making them. Until I "experienced" a soy candle I had been happy enough with my $4 Walmart candles even though they sooted up my ceilings a little.

Soy candles not only hold more fragrance, they burn clean and last much longer than paraffin candles. Most scents have as good a cold throw as hot. After my first soy candle, I have never bought another paraffin candle.

I started out with these great little mason jars because that was what I always bought. They look nice in your kitchen and add a little nostalgia.They come in 8oz and 16 oz sizes.

Jelly jars are as good in the bath or bedroom as in the kitchen, because of their generic appearance. They are available in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes.

The travel tins are always a must for vacation to freshen up your hotel room or beach/mountain house. Take a citronella out on your deck to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Also, these tins are what I use for my spa line. I keep them in three sizes...4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz.

I've had the most fun getting creative with other vessels. When I used to mostly paint I always said I would paint on anything that didn't run away. Now, I'm pouring soy wax into anything that will hold it.

Vintage Art Pottery Planter

Vintage Art Pottery Planter and Vintage Scottie Glass Creamer

Vintage Milk Glass Goblets

Old Tins

Mid Century Stacking Mugs (JAPAN)

When you go to auctions as often as I have over the years you accumulate lots of glass whether you want it or not...the pieces come in box lots and if you want the one great treasure in the box you have to take the whole box of goodies to get it. I have managed to acquire lots of punch cups and vintage costume jewelry... 

The best thing about having a local candle shop is that you can have your favorite vessel refilled or bring in your own. Just today I had a customer bring in her own pieces and will be giving them as gifts. She was also able to request her favorite scents that I was not currently stocking. 

Customers Own Vessels
I hope you will come in and try one. Before I started making them I always liked to treat myself to a new candle or two each season. I couldn't wait to try something new! They make wonderful gifts and especially this time of year when you need to grab something for a your party hostess!

Vintage Teacup and Saucer with Mulled Cider & Chestnut Scented Soy Candle

I am now wholesaling them if you'd like to inquire for your shop or boutique.

I will be open one more Saturday before Christmas but as always, I am open by appointment...that simple! You can find select fragrances at Spade and Broom in Trinity and Palette Boutique in Thomasville if you are out and about. 

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