Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In case you were wondering....

We are renovating a house for our daughter. Our lives have become incredibly busy and at the same time incredibly satisfying!

I have loved this little house since I was a girl. I loved the people that lived there and at a time, when the former owners talked of retiring to the beach, I had visions of someday living there myself.

Well, time has allowed my dream to somewhat come true now some 30 years later, and we are in the midst of making this forgotten little gem once again into a home. If you could see it now, you might wonder what we've gotten ourselves tired back wonders every night! We have literally gutted it...removed sheetrock, carpet, dropped ceilings, layers of plywood, layers of floor coverings, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, old appliances and you know it...the kitchen sink!

As we get a little further along and I have something "pretty" to show you,  I will begin to post the progress...until then, I'm leaving you with these...

Paul's Airport 
 I don't know exactly what year this was taken, but this is the little house on the right, at the foot of the "mountain", as we call it. The house was built in 1945 and used to be the office and cafe for the small airport that was there. The "mountain"  is where I grew up and my parents still live.

When I moved there in 1968, there was no airport, but the hanger and barn were still there and it was a cattle farm until the 1980's. I had never seen any photos of the airport until recently when my good friend and neighbor surprised me with them. Ironically, her cousin had brought them to her early this spring for her to copy for her scrapbook.

Paul's Airport

The house basically looks the same today, with the exception of an additional fireplace on this side where the window is. It was purchased in the late 50's, I believe, and converted into a two bedroom home. There was an addition built later to give them a little more living space and a sweet little sun room. Beneath all of the mid century "updates", we've discovered the most wonderful original knotty pine boards on the walls, wood floors, and v-groove pine ceilings. It is the perfect little cottage!

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