Friday, June 20, 2014

Things Go Better With Coke

My cool birthday present from my husband this year
This week I celebrated my 54th birthday. All I can say is that 54 is not as old as it used to be! Fortunately, I'm healthy, strong and able to do most things I've always done, including driving without glasses and reading most of the time without my drugstore "readers". I still feel like I always have, if not better some days. I think my 30's and early 40's were harder in some ways.

I've decided that I honestly like getting older. With age comes wisdom, "they" say. I'll take that. And, with age, comes a little more free time. I'll take some of that too! That part, is actually in my control and I'm learning to stop over committing my time to every "good idea" I have....maybe that's the wisdom kicking in.

I'm looking forward to the year ahead and hopefully more of that wisdom will help me to stay focused on my priorities. Once we're finished with the renovation at our daughter's house I want to start working on our place. Over the last few years I've neglected our home in order to give my all to building my new brand, The Junk Ranch. I've bought and sold some of the best pieces I've ever had, in order to offer the best to my customers.

Now, it's my turn to work my magic here at home. Taking on the renovation project forced me to rein myself in from being so over extended in my business. I'm happy for now, just as things are.

I know life will continue to evolve as I continue to grow older and I wouldn't be happy if it were any other way....oh, and the sign at the top of this birthday gift this year from my husband. I LOVE it!! That's a great piece of rust and a great piece of our local history. It's now on the side of the studio under a shed where it will be seen but out of the elements.

So, in conclusion...with age comes wisdom, time and greater appreciation for other old things!!

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