Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Coffee Collection Soy Candles

Coffee scented soy candles at the Junk Ranch

The coffee is ready....
My new coffee soy candle collection is ready and smelling up the studio with the most wonderful rich aromas of coffee beans, hazelnut and vanilla...and that's just the cold throw. This is another thing I love about soy wax; it smells as good just sitting there as it does lit. Cold, they offer a light scent within a few feet. Lighted, the scent throw definitely fills a large room and in some instances, several.

When just poured they look like the real deal

The coffee collection consists of three customer favorites...the first being Hazelnut Coffee. Not much I can say here to describe it other than mouth watering. If you are a coffee lover this is classic. 

The second one, I call Cup'A Joe. It smells just like it a strong cup of fresh brewed coffee.

And, lastly, there is French Vanilla Latte, for the Starbucks crowd. It's a good balance of expresso and vanilla.

4 oz. soy candles in coffee fragrances
They are available in various coffee mugs, cups and 4 ounce jars..that are actually nice to take with you when you travel.

These are now available year round as well as our summer favorite Sippin' Sweet Tea. 

You can purchase candles from me here at the studio by appointment or have them shipped to your door 
 from Charmed, 3407 D Archdale Rd. Archdale NC

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